Friday, November 30, 2018

Today's Special

When I think back over the last eight years, my story arcs like so: 
2011 was about reconnecting with my art and reconnecting with myself.
2012 was about sheer devotion to what I love and what specifically makes me happy (writing fiction).
2013 was about facing often multiple-pronged uncertainty and powering through.
2014 was about choosing my own adventure, looking at the crossroads and making hard choices.
2015 was about facing the music, dismantling that which no longer served me.
2016 was about re-learning the alphabet and boosting my mental and emotional vocabulary.
2017 was about taking all that I'd learned in 2016's evolution to understand my past better.
2018 was about stabilizing, grounding, and using the headline as a means of simplifying the story.

2019, what will you be about?

Writing these blogs over the last eight years have been a surreal, necessary education -- a way for me to chronicle my life over this time, even when my posts aren't memoir or strict mirrors of my day to day.  This project has allowed me to grow and heal and work through some pretty major shit.  It's given me the opportunity to explore topics both profound and totally silly. It's allowed me to articulate some stuff that previously was just garbled somewhere in the back of my throat.  And it's allowed me to dialogue with many of you offline about your own life experiences and how what I wrote made you feel or how it connected with your own life.  I love writing these blog projects -- that is clearly obvious since we're here at the start of Year #9 -- that's TWO THOUSAND NINE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO DAYS IN A ROW of raw creativity. Isn't that bananas?  Is anyone else out there doing this?  WHY ISN'T NPR INTERVIEWING ME???

As cheeky as I'm being right now, it goes (I think) without saying that I continue this project because it feeds me.  It's nourishing.  It's revitalizing.  It gives me that shiny, happy people feeling.  I write because I have to -- and having this project gives me a way to direct that energy and effort into something you also enjoy reading (I hope, I hope).  I sure love writing these posts day in and day out.

So 2019.  This year's blog will be about what is special about the moment I sit down to write.  Maybe it will be something in the news or something in my personal life or something in the life of someone I know.  Most blogs have been audience participation in some capacity and this year may contain some of that -- I would love to feature independent artists, businesses, community organizations -- anything that is making a positive impact on the world immediately surrounding it or even more globally.  So suggestions are welcome -- email and I'll ping you for an interview soon.

Early predictions about 2019: this will be a year about how this moment shapes the big, bold moves of what's next.  It's only by existing now that what came before or what will come later will matter at all.  

I'll see you back here on January 1st to start linking the chain of events together to show how each puzzle piece contributes to the life-picture that will inevitably result.  They say putting puzzles together is good for your brain.  Let's see what happens when I craft each piece as I go.

Something tells me it will be beautiful.